Prophet is a novella available from Torquere Press. You can purchase it here! But what is it about?


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Raid Tanner is a mechanic by profession, and a psychic thanks to the genetic shuffle. The fact that he's clairvoyant has absolutely no bearing on his life, though, apart from making him antisocial and bad-tempered. Really, he's the sort of guy that's more at home with a car engine than with another human being.

Still, it's the clairvoyance that brings him face to face with a god. Priest is tall, dark, and... well, definitely not normal. Claiming to be the incarnation of the force of contraction that holds the universe together, he wants a prophet and has his eyes on Raid. After all, the surliness and misanthropy are charming.

What's a boy from Alabama to do when faced with this sort of proposition? Worse, what can Raid do when he starts finding Priest's determination to destroy the planet kind of... endearing?

To learn if you'll like this story, I recommend reading a little snippet of chapter one, right here.

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