Elisa On Elisa: Sadly impossible until cloning laws are relaxed. Elisa is contradictory, easily annoyed, quickly won over by chai, in a long term relationship, still unable to work her cell phone properly, totally into Altoids' Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger Mints, possibly a mermaid, torn between the dry desert sand and the deep blue ocean, scornful of emoticons that feature multiple semi-colons, and kind of tired.

Elisa On Snakes: I'm quite aware that my surname is 'Viperas.' I'm also aware that most of the images on this webpage are not of vipers at all. That's just how I roll.

Elisa On Writing: I firmly believe that just because we're writing porn - sorry, 'erotica' - doesn't mean it can't be good porn. You know, with things like plot and characterization. That said, hey, none of us is writing the greatest novel ever here. Have some fun with it and don't take it too seriously.

That paragraph is only contradictory if you're thinking straight.

Things Elisa Likes: The word 'molecule.' The ocean to relax in, the desert to live in. Science. Superstition. Combining the two. The color blue-green. Sparkling soft pink. Don't combine those two, it just doesn't work. Fish, but only for watching, not for eating (still feelin' guilty about enjoying sushi that one time). Preparing for zombie attacks.

Things Elisa Does Not Like: The word "'hun" as an endearment (unless you've been gettin' your nomad on). "Hun" is not short for "honey." Forests that aren't tropical. Prose that is purple. That The Simpsons is still on but Futurama was cancelled. The two hours just before sunset. Onions. Chihuahua dogs - it's the eyes. And ears. And trembling. Actual zombie attacks.

Elisa Confessions: I didn't like country until a friend hooked me on Kane; now I like all sorts of country and sing out loud when Waylon Jennings wonders if Hank would've done it this way. I believe the word "cum" is either Latin or a sign you're an extra special sort of vulgar: pick one, or save us all the trouble and use "come." Those cat macro things crack me up. I have a livejournal. I loved Buffy and Angel and like Supernatural. I have the new Doctor Who but haven't seen it yet.