Dark Lord Seeks Friendship, Maybe More is a novella available from Torquere Press. You can purchase it here! But what is it about?


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After usurping his father's throne and working hard to get the sociopolitical aspects of his kingdom right, The Dark Lord of Thance has found that life is definitely lacking in the romance department.

So begins the quest for a companion for the Dark Lord. His faithful evil minions get together and use everything at their disposal to get him a date, from setting him up with relatives to placing a personal ad.

With the political climate always skewed against the forces of evil, though, Velenth's got a lot to worry about. Can he keep his throne and manage to find his Other (Evil) Half?

(I think I kind of like writing cheesy summaries.)

To learn if you'll like this story, I recommend reading a little snippet of it, right here.